Iron Infusions:

  • Feeling tired, lethargic, just lacking energy?
  • At Kelvale we are approved to perform FERINJECT iron infusions
  • If you suffer from anaemia, talk to one of our doctors today about the appropriateness of an intravenous iron infusion for you

Intravenous Iron Infusions

Iron is essential for the body to make haemoglobin, the pigment that makes red blood cells red.

When the amount of iron in the body gets too low, the haemoglobin level also falls.

Once the haemoglobin falls below normal range this is known as “iron deficiency anaemia”.

Haemoglobin is very important as it carries oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body, and if your haemoglobin or iron levels are low this may make you feel tired, lethargic, short of breath, lightheaded or not able to carry out your normal routine.

The most common way to treat iron deficiency anaemia is to take iron by mouth as a tablet or liquid. This approach works well for most people and is usually tried first. However, an iron infusion may be required if oral iron is not tolerated, effective or likely to work quickly enough and there is a need for rapid increase in iron levels to avoid complications or a blood transfusion.

The benefits of iron infusion include rapid delivery of iron and replenishment of iron stores, avoidance of gastrointestinal side effects associated with oral iron, and avoidance of potential flares of inflammatory bowel disease by oral iron therapy, so talk to one of our doctors today regarding your suitability for an iron infusion.

At Kelvale, we are approved to perform FERINJECT iron infusions.

FERINJECT is a special type of iron preparation given through a needle into a vein over 15mins, and requires you stay for observation for a further 30 minutes.

Note: Rarely (in under 1% of cases), it can cause mild allergic reactions.

FERINJECT is not a blood product, (therefore is suitable for Jehovah’s Witnesses), and does not have the risks of blood transfusion.

It is also considered safe to use after the first trimester of pregnancy (when benefits outweigh risks) and during breast feeding.

Kelvale provides IV Iron Infusions during regular hours:

Appointments outside of these hours are by request.

Please advise the receptionist that your Doctor has requested an Iron Infusion for you.

IV Iron Infusion - Cost $114.00

Medicare Rebates DO apply.